# Form Elements

Every column requires a type and editable property to make the cell editable:

  { key: "name", label: "Name", type: "text", editable: true},
  { key: "department", label: "Department", type: "select", options: ['Accounting', 'Marketing', 'Development', 'HR'], editable: true },
  { key: "age", label: "Age", type: "number", editable: true },
  { key: "dateOfBirth", label: "Date Of Birth", type: "date", editable: true },
  { key: "isActive", label: "Is Active", type: "checkbox", editable: true },

Elements' attributes and properties are supported by passing them directly through the field object. For example, you can add size and locale props to the date picker as follows:

{ key:  "dateOfBirth", label:  "Date Of Birth", size:"lg", locale:"fr", type: "date", editable: true }

Supported Bootstrap form elements:

Type Description
text Bootstrap Form Text Input
textarea Bootstrap Form Textarea
number Bootstrap Form Number Input
select Bootstrap Form Select
date Bootstrap Form Datepicker
checkbox Bootstrap Form Checkbox
rating Bootstrap Form Rating